Ameriport Building 3
Baytown, Texas

RINER was selected as the geotechnical engineering and construction materials testing firm for this 251,000 SF rail served warehouse facility within the Ameriport Industrial Park in Baytown, Texas.

RINER’s original Geotechnical Engineering report provided recommendations for building pad earthwork, drilled piers, retaining structures, and slab on grade and pavement construction. RINER provided further recommendations for shallow strip and spread footings in response to site conditions when sandy soil was encountered by the drilling subcontractor that would not support underreamed piers.

RINER’s CMT inspection scope for the building included monitoring of over 40,000 CY of building pad, paving and utility earthwork, drilled piers, shallow spread footings, reinforcing steel, slab on grade and tilt wall panel concrete, masonry, and structural steel inspections. The CMT inspection scope for the paving included monitoring of 203,000 square feet of heavy duty paving with chemically stabilized subgrade.