Avera Railport 225
Pasadena, Texas

RINER was selected as the Geotechnical Engineering and Construction Materials Testing firm for this 600,000 SF rail-served warehouse facility.

The geotechnical field investigation, performed by RINER, required all-terrain equipment to access the proposed building and rail spur locations within the 50 acre tract. The geotechnical investigation included over 550 LF of soil borings and included extensive swell testing on the highly expansive subgrade soils. RINER’s geotechnical report provided engineering recommendations for preparation of the building pad, drilled pier foundations, pavement and rail spur subgrade stabilization, and paving area concrete.

RINER’s CMT inspection scope for the building included monitoring of over 110,000 CY of building pad earthwork, drilled piers, reinforcing steel, slab on grade and tilt wall panel concrete, floor flatness / floor levelness measurement, and structural steel inspections including ultrasonic testing of welds. The CMT inspection scope for the paving included monitoring of 390,000 square feet of heavy duty paving with chemically stabilized subgrade.