Bella Vista Subdivision
Liberty County, Texas

RINER provided geotechnical engineering and construction materials testing for this residential subdivision paving project in Liberty County. 

The project consisted of Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) paving of over 10.5 miles of roadway. Typical pavement section was 22-feet wide by 5-inches thick underlain by a 6-inch thick treated subgrade. RINER performed monitoring and testing of the Portland cement treated subgrade materials. During paving operations, RINER cast sample cylinders for compressive strength testing in accordance with ASTM C1435 and also performed in-place density testing on the freshly compacted concrete in accordance with ASTM C1040 to provide immediate feedback to the paving crews and allow optimization of the RCC batching process. 

RINER performed the geotechnical engineering for the roadway and also performed laboratory scale testing to develop the RCC mix design. To confirm the mix design, RINER cast and tested sample cylinders and beams for compressive and flexural strength verification.