Boulevard Oaks Business Park Phases 1 and 2
Houston, Texas

RINER is pleased to have provided geotechnical engineering and construction materials testing service for the Hines Boulevard Oaks Business Park Phases 1 and 2, a 181-acre plot located in south Houston. Phase 1, completed in late 2019, included four tilt wall buildings totaling 341,000 SF. Phase 2, completed in late 2020, included six tilt wall buildings totaling 1,148,000 SF.

RINER’s geotechnical report provided engineering recommendations for preparation of the building pads, drilled pier foundations, public / private pavement subgrade stabilization and light- and heavy-duty site paving. Followup analysis was performed and recommendations were provided for private roadway pavement sections to support planned tenant traffic loading.

RINER’s CMT inspection scope for the buildings included monitoring the placement of over 300,000 CY of moisture conditioned onsite soils to construct the building pads. The inspection scope also included testing and inspection of drilled piers, reinforcing steel, slab on grade and tilt wall panel concrete, floor flatness / floor levelness measurement, structural steel inspections, and floor moisture testing. The CMT inspection scope for the paving included monitoring of 1,910,000 square feet of light– and heavy-duty on-site paving.