Broadstone Arboretum​
Austin, Texas

RINER was selected as the Geotechnical Engineering and Construction Materials Testing firm for this Austin apartment complex consisting of a 90,000 SF plan area, 4-story wood-frame apartment building, an approximately 25,000 SF plan area, 6-story cast in place parking garage, storm water quality pond, and associated parking and drive areas.

The Geotechnical Engineering scope included building foundation, retaining wall, and temporary and permanent pavement design recommendations. All drilling, coring and logging was performed by RINER personnel. Engineering efforts were complicated by the underground Karst features and the presence of a cave structure in the middle of the tract that had to be protected during construction.

The CMT inspection scope for the project included monitoring of building pad, garage foundation, utility and void mitigation earthwork, spread footings, retaining walls, conventional and post-tension reinforcing steel, concrete, structural steel inspections and masonry. During construction, RINER operated a satellite laboratory for the curing and testing of concrete cylinders from the Arboretum site and RINER’s other ongoing projects in the Austin area.

RINER’s inspection scope was expanded to include monitoring of the water quality pond liner system construction and compilation of a construction report and compliance letter submitted to the City of Austin.