Broadstone Block 334​
Houston, Texas

RINER provided Geotechnical Engineering, Construction Materials Testing and Land Surveying services for this downtown Houston apartment complex consisting of a 63,000 SF plan area, 4-story wood-frame over three podium level apartment building with integral cast in place parking garage, and associated drive areas.

The geotechnical engineering scope included groundwater control, building foundation, retaining wall, and pavement design recommendations.

The CMT inspection scope for the project included monitoring of soldier / retention pile construction, building pad and utility earthwork, spread footings, conventional and post-tension reinforcing steel, concrete, shotcrete, structural steel inspections and masonry.

Field construction efforts were complicated by the dense urban setting and limited workspace between the building walls and nearby city sidewalks.

RINER’s surveying scope included establishment of survey controls, and construction layout for footings, slabs and utilities. Responsibilities included final surveys and preparation of as-built documents.