Bush / IAH Terminal C North​
Houston, Texas

The George Bush IAH Terminal C expansion project consists of a two-level, 265,000 SF, 12-gate domestic concourse with ramp paving and associated utilities and tunnels. RINER was selected to perform the geotechnical engineering for the project through a competitive evaluation process implemented by PGAL and United Airlines.

RINER performed the geotechnical field investigation which included 19 soil borings, totaling 600 feet, to delineate subsurface conditions at the proposed construction site within the airside area at IAH. Each soil boring location required coring through 18 to 41-inch thick pavement and stabilized base. All drilling and logging was performed by RINER personnel and was performed during overnight shifts so as to not interfere with normal airport operations. During drilling, RINER installed piezometers for long-term groundwater level monitoring.

RINER’s laboratory testing included soil classification, sieve analysis with hydrometer testing, Atterberg Limits, undrained/unconfined and triaxial compression testing, California Bearing Ratio (CBR), and one dimensional consolidation testing. RINER also collected and prepared samples for third party testing to include chemical analysis for petroleum hydrocarbons, BTEX, chlorides, sulfates, pH and soil resistivity.

RINER’s Geotechnical Engineering report provided recommendations for demolition, construction excavations, groundwater controls, earthwork, and retaining structures. RINER’s Geotechnical Engineering report also provided recommendations for shallow footing, drilled straight shaft pier and auger cast in place pile foundation options.

During construction, RINER coordinated with the owner, the contractor, and materials testing laboratory to resolve construction related issues. RINER coordinated with the project structural engineer to resolve design issues related to construction of a fuel bypass line and storm sewer line underneath the building.