Houston, Texas

RINER provided Geotechnical Engineering and Construction Materials Testing services for this 29-story high rise apartment building. The structure includes an auger cast pile foundation with cast in place, post-tension reinforced concrete decks through an integral 8-story parking garage and into the remainder of the tower. The lower 5 floors include a conventionally reinforced concrete deck on steel frame wrap design for the apartments at these levels.

RINER performed the geotechnical field investigation, including all drilling and logging, which included soil borings to 120-feet in depth. RINER’s Geotechnical Engineering report provided recommendations for building pad earthwork, auger cast piles, shallow spread footings, retaining structures, slab on grade and pavement construction. Throughout the design phase, RINER worked closely with the project team to verify foundation design criteria.

At the onset of construction, RINER monitored the pile load testing and provided further engineering guidance in regards to the required pile lengths. Engineering input continued through the early phases of construction in response to multiple below ground concrete structures discovered during site preparation activities.

RINER’s testing and inspection scope during construction included foundation, pavement and utility earthwork, auger cast piles, cast in place concrete, conventional and post-tension concrete reinforcing, masonry, and structural steel inspections. RINER also assisted the concrete contractor with the casting and testing of concrete sample cylinders for development of maturity meter strength curves.