COH Gillette Trunkline (Genesse Segment)
Houston, Texas

The Gillette Trunkline Drainage and Paving Improvements project includes construction of a new 3,700 LF storm sewer trunkline serving over 1,000 acres in the densely developed Montrose and Midtown subdivisions in central Houston. 

The new storm line consists of 10-ft by 10-ft and 8-ft by 8-ft precast box structures installed at an average depth of 30 feet below ground surface. The project scope also includes large diameter storm sewer tie-ins and associated sanitary sewer, water line and pavement improvements along the alignment. Replacement sanitary sewer and water lines range up to 12-inches in diameter. Asphalt and concrete pavement restoration is anticipated to total over 190,000 SF.

RINER’s testing and inspection scope includes monitoring of all native and stabilized backfill materials for the storm sewer trunkline, tie-ins, inlets and various utility lines. The scope also includes testing and inspection of stabilized subgrade, concrete and asphalt  in the paving areas. All testing and inspection was performed to City of Houston standards.