Conroe Police Station​​
Conroe, Texas

RINER provided Geotechnical Engineering and Construction Materials Testing services to the City of Conroe for this project which included construction of a two-story police station and municipal court building, a 6,000 SF SWAT building and associated parking and drive areas totaling 134,000 SF.

RINER performed the geotechnical investigation which included 11 soil borings, totaling 250 feet, to delineate subsurface conditions across the site. All drilling and logging was performed by RINER personnel. RINER’s Geotechnical Engineering report provided recommendations for building pad earthwork, drilled piers, retaining structures, slab on grade and pavement construction.

Due to expansive soil conditions at the site, the building design included a structural slab, constructed over carton forms, which was supported by a drilled pier and shallow grade beam type foundation. The 60,000 SF plan area police station building foundation included 285 drilled piers.

RINER’s earthwork testing and inspection scope during construction included building pad, utility and pavement earthwork, including monitoring of fills at an underground stormwater detention system and along a network of geothermal heating/cooling loops. RINER other testing and inspection items included drilled piers, cast in place concrete, conventional concrete reinforcing, structural masonry, and structural steel inspections.