Cypresswood Utility District Tank​
Spring, Texas

The Cypresswood Utility District Water Plant #1 project involved construction of a 24-foot tall, 55-foot diameter pre-stressed concrete municipal water tank with a 420,000 gallon capacity. RINER was contracted to provide geotechnical engineering recommendations for the tank foundation, subgrade and adjoining paving areas.

RINER’s field investigation included 150 feet of soil borings to depths of 50-feet below ground surface. All drilling and logging was performed by RINER personnel. The geotechnical investigation included swell, consolidation and unconfined compression testing of the subgrade soils.

RINER’s geotechnical report provided engineering recommendations for ring wall and auger cast pile foundations as well as subgrade preparation recommendations. Due to the laboratory swell testing results, RINER was requested to perform a detailed settlement analysis and provide additional engineering recommendations for pad preparation to limit the potential vertical slab movements to within the tolerances allowed by the tank manufacturer.

RINER was requested to perform bearing calculations to verify that the surrounding surficial soils would support loading from the crane during tank erection. RINER provided engineering recommendations for subgrade improvements and for matting at the crane outriggers to ensure that the work could be completed safely.