Daikin / Goodman Manufacturing Facility​
Waller, Texas

RINER was the geotechnical engineer and CMT firm for Daikin Industries / Goodman Manufacturing’s $410 million distribution and manufacturing facility in Waller, Texas. The project featured a 4+ million square foot tilt-up concrete building, the world’s largest according to the Tilt-Up Concrete Association.

RINER performed the initial geotechnical investigation which included 195 soil borings to delineate subsurface conditions across the 497-acre site. All drilling and logging was performed by RINER personnel. The geotechnical report provided recommendations in regards to preparation of the building pad, drilled pier foundation system, pavement subgrade stabilization, retaining structures, and public and private paving areas. Additional investigation was performed for storm water retention structures constructed to Harris County Flood Control District standards. Further engineering guidance was provided during the early stages of the building pad earthwork in response to the extremely wet site conditions encountered by the earthmoving crews.

The CMT inspection scope for the building included monitoring of over 500,000 CY of building pad earthwork, over 2,400 drilled piers with underream diameters up to 162 inches, a total of 80 slab on grade pours and 13,000 LF of tilt wall panels. The CMT inspection scope for the paving included monitoring of 7,500,000 SF of heavy duty paving with chemically stabilized subgrade and widening and concrete paving of 7,000 LF of county roads constructed to Harris County standards. The CMT inspection scope for the site infrastructure included monitoring of trench backfill for over 40,000 LF of public and private utilities and construction of a water and a wastewater treatment plant.

Due to an aggressive completion schedule, various phases of the work were performed concurrently, requiring RINER to monitor work being performed by multiple drilling, utility, and concrete contractors across the site. Over the course of the construction operations, RINER maintained a field inspection staff of up to eight individuals covering a 7-day per week work schedule.