Deer Trails II, Sections I-IV
Conroe, Texas

RINER served as the Geotechnical Engineer and Construction Materials Testing (CMT) firm for paving and drainage for Deer Trails II, Sections I-IV, a Conroe residential subdivision. Construction totaled approximately 25,700 feet of residential roadway with the (final) Section IV completed in 2017.

RINER performed the various geotechnical field investigations, including all drilling and logging. Drilling and logging has totaled 755 VLF to date and RINER’s laboratory testing included sieve analysis with hydrometer testing, Atterberg Limits, triaxial compression testing, one dimensional consolidation, and one dimensional swell testing. RINER’s Geotechnical Engineering reports provided recommendations for construction excavations, groundwater controls, paving and utility earthwork, and flexible pavement construction.

RINER’s construction materials testing and inspection scope included verification of subgrade preparation, inspection and testing of stabilized subgrade soils, base materials and asphaltic concrete surfacing. Testing and inspection work was performed to Montgomery County specifications.