Flag Pole Hill Playground
Dallas, Texas

RINER provided geotechnical engineering services for the Phase 1 improvements for this City of Dallas Park project: Flag Pole Hill Park. The improvements consist of an approximately 2-mile length of hike and bike trails, various parking and drive areas along the trail, and a monument with signage. RINER worked in close coordination with the client to provide viable recommendations which could prove to be effective in cost-saving for construction purposes. The park is a state-of-the-art, all-inclusive playground designed for all families, all ages, all capabilities.

Inclusive design is an approach to designing for people who may have radically different physical and intellectual abilities. The term can refer to things like adjusting lighting and acoustics for people with sensory sensitivities, adding braille labels to exhibits, or making playgrounds ADA accessible. The park is designed to be accessible to as wide a range of children as possible, with special attention to the abilities of young people with special needs. The 2019 Texas ASLA Conference announced the park as a Merit Award winner; winners represent outstanding examples of projects that contribute to the quality of life for all citizens of Texas.