Gables Park Plaza​
Austin, Texas

The Gables Park Plaza site consisted of a 21 story mixed use residential and retail tower with integral 3 story parking garage. The building structural design consisted of post-tension reinforced cast-in-place concrete decks over a drilled pier foundation. The building architectural design included a multiple level amenities deck and an irregular curved tower section which resulted in highly complex post-tension tendon layouts.

RINER testing and inspection scope included building, utility and paving earthwork, drilled pier foundations, mild steel and post-tension reinforcement, concrete, masonry, structural steel, and fireproofing. 

The building foundation consisted of 100 straight shaft piers extending to depths of 77 feet with a minimum embedment of 20 feet into the limestone bearing stratum. Drilling production was hampered by the requirement that each of the piers be cased to prevent collapse of the shaft prior to concrete placement.

Due to the large number of concrete sample cylinders generated on the project, RINER set up and operated an onsite laboratory for the curing and compression testing of cylinders.