Greater Houston WW Projects​
Houston, Texas

Under our existing, on-call services contract for testing and inspection services with the City of Houston, originally awarded in 2013, RINER is currently completing the following service orders:

  • Gillette Trunkline (Genesee Segment) Drainage and Paving Improvements;
  • Almeda Sims WWTP and Sludge Processing Facilities Improvements;
  • Northside Sewer Relief Tunnel Rehabilitation Area No. 4;
  • Installation of Short Segment Water Lines at Various Locations;
  • Riverwood Estates No. 1 Lift Station Replacement;
  • Water Line Replacement in Inner Loop North Area;
  • Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation by Sliplining;
  • West Lake Houston Bridge Bearing Pad Replacement; and
  • Willowbrook Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements.

RINER’s QC testing and inspection scope during construction on the various service orders includes pavement and utility earthwork, cast in place concrete, conventional concrete reinforcing, grout, shotcrete, asphalt, and concrete coring.

The largest of RINER’s above-listed active service orders, Gillette Trunkline Drainage and Paving Improvements, includes testing and inspection of backfill for over 5,600 LF of storm sewer (up to 120-inch by 120-inch concrete box structures) and testing and inspection of over 160,000 SF of reinforced concrete pavement and related subgrade.

Another City of Houston service order, Northside Sewer Relief Tunnel Rehabilitation Area No. 4, involves modifications to 4,700 LF of 132-inch diameter sanitary sewer tunnel. RINER’s scope includes testing of viscosity and compressive strength of light and conventional weight grouts used to support the access shafts and to construct the tunnel liner system.