Hyatt Regency and Hyatt Place Hotels
Houston, Texas

The Hyatt Regency Houston Galleria and Hyatt Place Houston Galleria hotels were completed near the Houston Galleria shopping mall along Sage Road and are part of a 7.6-acre, mixed use development, Galleria Plaza, which includes multiple high-end retail and specialty stores, luxury apartments, and multiple recently completed office towers. The hotel buildings are post-tension reinforced cast in place concrete construction and are 15-stories and 12-stories in height, respectively.

RINER performed separate geotechnical studies for each structure. All geotechnical field work was performed by RINER personnel. The geotechnical reports provided recommendations in regards to preparation of the building pads, foundations, pavement subgrade stabilization, and paving areas. Shallow footings and auger-cast piles were recommended for the proposed hotel buildings. Further geotechnical engineering guidance was provided for retaining wall construction, excavation shoring and basement area drainage in response to conditions encountered during construction.

The CMT inspection scope for the buildings included monitoring of spread footing (Hyatt Regency) and auger-cast pile (Hyatt Place) foundations, building, utility and paving earthwork, conventional and post tension reinforcing steel, concrete, masonry, and structural steel inspections.

Additionally, RINER performed floor flatness testing at the elevated decks and assisted with the casting and testing of concrete sample cylinders for development of maturity meter strengths curves.