Magnolia Creek
League City, Texas

RINER provided geotechnical engineering services in coordination with Kimley Horn to thwart future flooding in League City, Texas. Services include assessment of soil conditions, slope stability analysis, and geotechnical recommendations for the widening and drainage improvements along Magnolia Creek and Cedar Gully, Landing Ditch, Newport Ditch, and six (6) detention ponds.

Benefits include channel improvements including regrading and widening portions of the channels. The purpose of these projects is to provide enough capacity to accommodate the anticipated peak flows in the Magnolia Creek watershed and reduce flooding risks to the residents and property residing within the multiple subdivisions along the Magnolia Creek watershed. RINER is pleased to work with Kimley Horn on projects that improve our communities.

NOTE: These geotechnical engineering services consisted of three total projects. Shown below are additional details.

  1. Project consist of assessment of soil condition, performing slope stability analysis, and providing geotechnical recommendations for widening and drainage improvements along Magnolia Creek and Cedar Gully (totaling approximately 24,000 LF), and six (6) detention ponds.
  2. Project consist of widening and drainage improvements along Magnolia Creek, Cedar Gully, Landing Ditch, and Newport Ditch (alignment totaling approximately 11,600 LF).
  3. The project consists of performing slope stability analysis and providing geotechnical recommendations to improve the stability of failed slopes at fifteen locations along the Magnolia Creek.