Pleasure Pier Amusement Park​​
Galveston, Texas

Project involved materials testing and inspection services for the remediation and restoration of a 130,000 square foot, 1940’s era concrete pier structure in Galveston, Texas. Remediation and restoration work was completed over multiple phases over three years to allow for startup and ongoing operation of the amusement park and restaurants. Overall construction cost for the remediation work was estimated at $10MM.

Primary work relating to the pier structure involved observation and monitoring of demolition operations to remove degraded concrete and reinforcing steel from pier columns, beams, girders, and soffit. RINER then verified size, spacing, embedment and anchoring of replacement steel and compressive strength and thickness of applied shotcrete coating.

Under pier inspection and testing items included new driven steel pilings and associated welds. Above pier inspection and testing work addressed concrete walls, concrete foundations, structural steel welds and bolting used to support new pier buildings and amusement park rides. RINER also inspected the soils and tested concrete relating to the landside parking and support areas.

All pier remediation inspection work was performed over water from a scaffolding system suspended from the pier columns and deck.