RINER, a UES Company, Attends ACEC 2023

October 27, 2023 – Attended by Anahita Goudarzi with Riner Engineering, Inc., a UES company, Ed Alizadeh, P.E., with UES, and 1,000 of their engineering colleagues from across the country, the 2023 American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) National meeting offered a great opportunity to connect with industry leaders, gain insights into the latest developments, and engage in insightful discussions. Key topics included:

  • The role of climate change as a driving force in the industry,
  • Challenges with public sector funding,
  • The importance of hybrid work arrangements,
  • Hiring high school interns,
  • Providing a clear career path for young employees, and
  • The adoption of AI in marketing.

Looking forward to applying these valuable takeaways into our daily work efforts where appropriate.

Ed Alizadeh, P.E., with UES stated, “…It is gratifying to be part of a great company in a noble industry that enhances the quality of our communities.”