RINER, a UES Company, Hosts 4Q Safety Standdown Review; Honors 11 Employees for Receiving WACEL Certifications

November 16, 2013 – Safety Leadership is the Responsibility of Every UES Texas Employee – ALPHA, RINER, & ROCK!

Last week, Alpha hosted its 4th Quarter Safety Standdown Review at RINER’s Houston office (https://rinerengineering.com/about/#Safety). Eleven (11) RINER employees were recognized for passing their WACEL Certification tests.

Congratulations to Lemon Ford, Louis Rodriguez, Christopher Martinez, Efrain Herrera, Edgar Fajardo, Rebecca Krenzke, Omar Morua, Luis Espinoza, John Burchfield, Joshua Bennett, and Danny Mason on receiving their WACEL Certifications! WACEL is an Association of Engineering Laboratories, Inspection Agencies and Building Officials.