S & B Modular Operations
Baytown, Texas

RINER provided geotechnical engineering and construction materials testing for this manufacturing facility construction project in Baytown, Texas. The project consisted of construction of a 77,000 square foot steel frame warehouse building and over 1,300,000 square feet of Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) paving.

RINER performed a geotechnical investigation at the 30+ acre site which included building pad fill, building foundation and design recommendations for both conventional concrete and RCC pavement. Laboratory consolidation testing was performed on the highly expansive subgrade soils to verify empirical TxDOT swell values.

RINER’s CMT inspection scope included monitoring and testing of a total of 20,000 cubic yards of building pad and utility trench earthwork and 1,700 cubic yards of slab on grade concrete, construction of 100 underreamed drilled piers and structural steel inspections. Typical RCC pavement sections included thicknesses of 6‐inch, 8‐inch and 14‐inches underlain by a 6‐inch thick treated subgrade. RINER performed monitoring and testing of the lime treated subgrade materials. During paving operations, RINER cast sample cylinders for compressive strength testing in accordance with ASTM C1435 and also performed in‐place density testing on the freshly compacted concrete in accordance with ASTM C1040 to provide immediate feedback to the paving crews and allow optimization of the RCC batching process.