TAMUG Maritime Academy Hall​​
Galveston, Texas

RINER was the geotechnical Engineer of Record and the Construction Materials Testing firm for this student housing building constructed at the Texas A&M Galveston campus.

The geotechnical investigation required all-terrain equipment and significant amounts of clearing to be able to access the proposed building location, located over 60 feet of dredge spoils. Numerous areas required hand clearing to avoid encroachment on jurisdictional wetland areas in and around the project site. The geotechnical investigation included over 600 LF of soil borings. All clearing, drilling and logging was performed by RINER personnel.

The geotechnical report provided recommendations in regards to preparation of the building pad, auger cast pile foundation system, pavement subgrade stabilization, retaining structures, and public and private paving areas. At the onset of construction, RINER monitored the pile load testing and provided further engineering guidance in regards to the required pile lengths.

The building design consisted of a 6-story concrete deck on steel frame residential building with a post tension reinforced slab and an auger cast pile foundation. Project infrastructure included utilities and of over 290,000 square feet of asphalt and concrete paving.

RINER’s QC testing and inspection scope during construction included foundation, pavement and utility earthwork, auger cast piles, cast in place concrete, conventional and post tension concrete reinforcing, masonry, asphalt, fireproofing, floor moisture testing and structural steel inspections.